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Webcomics: comics that I read and recommend, along with my clumsy attempt to sum them up for you!

Bad Machinery: Paranormal mystery solving, wacky hijinks.
Chirault: Epic fantasy story with some interesting wordbuilding. Also, demons.
Gunnerkrigg Court: Intrigue and the supernatural in a school setting.
Hark! A Vagrant: Humour, history, and fun.
I, Mummy: Steampunk adventure, with a mummy.
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things: Gaming references and humour.
The Order of the Stick: Grand adventure, D&D jokes.
Outsider: Science fiction adventure.
Q2Q Comics: Theatre humour. Probably also funny if you're not a theatre person (but I wouldn't know!).
Sorcery 101: Magic and adventure in a modern setting.
The Substitutes: Magic and adventure.
The Sunset Grill: Science fiction, complex plots, intrigue.
Weregeek: Gamers, plots, humour.
Widdershins: Victorian-era magical escapades.
xkcd: Science, humour, fun stuff.
Xylobone Tomes: Fantasy story following a lich and his sidekick.

Finished Webcomics, Comics With Web Sites: these are still great, but don't fall into the above category!

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Zany adventures, humour.
A Distant Soil: Epic sci-fi drama, updating on the web.
Mundane Nirvana: The only real slice-of-life comic I've liked (normally that's not my cup of tea); finished some few years ago.
Runners: Sci-fi adventure; the first two volumes can be read online.

Art Resources: these are the sites I keep coming back to for art-related information!

The Art Order: Lots of good information about the business end of art.
Drawn and Drafted: More great art business information, useful tips, and such.
Gurney Journey: James Gurney's blog, with lots of interesting insights into artistic process.
Illustration Age: Classes, tools, links to more resources.
Muddy Colors: Posts on articles on a variety of things art-related by some of the best in the field.
One Fantastic Week: Podcasts and more, mostly on the business side of things.
PACT: Articles on the business side of things, contract information, and more.