THE DRIVER: Chimalli Ramírez Zapotitla

First Appearance: Page 1
Latest Appearance: Page 356
Birthdate: 7 August 1996 (20)
Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico
Residence: Birmingham, England

A racing driver with big plans eager to prove himself to his new team, his plans didn't involve getting lost in another dimension during a promising first race...

Since finding himself in the Otherworld, he has been rather out of his depth, although he's doing his best to face adversity with a grin. Racing didn't prepare him for any of this!
THE CAR: Etalpalli

First Appearance: Page 1
Latest Appearance: Page 337
Birthdate: 1 January 2016 (the current car)
Birthplace: Varano Melegari, Italy
Residence: the XAG garage

XAG's 2016 car sports a rather bare livery. It's a solid car, handles well, and it's definitely faster than the cars that Chimalli was racing last year...

... and since appearing in the Otherworld, it has also been talking and moving on its own, as well as exhibiting something of a sense of humour.
THE ENGINEER: Ralf Harrington

First Appearance: Page 4 (voice)
Latest Appearance: Page 354
Birthdate: 24 November, 1977 (38)
Birthplace: Leeds, England
Residence: London, England

XAG isn't a particularly large team, and he's been there since it started; he still has big hopes about the team, and is confident that their latest pair of drivers are up to the task.

He thought he'd seen it all over a race weekend, but he can't explain how a whole car could have suddenly disappeared without a trace!
THE MANAGER: Xochitl Zapotitla Díaz

First Appearance: Page 11
Latest Appearance: Page 356 (voice)
Birthdate: 9 July, 1970 (46)
Birthplace: Ixtapaluca, Mexico
Residence: Mexico City, Mexico

Chimalli's mother, she's worked hard to see her son able to compete in motorsport abroad while supporting the family. She attends as many races as she can, and manages his career.

While she feels that she keeps an open mind about most things, there are some things that are difficult to believe -- and this may turn out to be one of those.
THE KNIGHT: Elke (Adalheid) Schmidt

First Appearance: Page 21
Latest Appearance: Page 335
Birthdate: 9 May, 1378 (?)
Birthplace: a village near Sankt Pölten, Austria
Residence: the Maze

Master of the Order of the Gate. Who exactly the Order is or why they are in the Otherworld at all is less clear, except that they are apparently fighting the demons. Seems helpful, but to what end?

In addition to being a skilled fighter, Elke has also spent centuries honing her skill at presenting information in as mysterious a way as possible. It is unlikely this has anything to do with fighting demons.
THE LIEUTENANT: Artemisia of the Shield

First Appearance: Page 26
Latest Appearance: Page 334
Birthdate: Unknown, 496 BCE
Birthplace: Sparta, Greece
Residence: the Maze

Elke's silent lieutenant, Artemisia has seen many battles. She serves as the right hand of the Order as well as their chief scout, and likely has many stories to tell.

She appears more tolerant of surprised newcomers than her leader.

First Appearance: Page 51
Latest Appearance: Page 178
Birthdate: near the beginning of the world
Birthplace: N'g'lerat
Residence: the Maze

A lesser demon-lord of N'g'lerat, it seems that Shoxoth has decided to expand its reach into the Otherworld in an attempt to either garner favour with or possibly overthrow Gornorath. Whatever the case, its war machine clearly spells bad news.

A conniving creature, Shoxoth will stop at nothing to gain an advantage in the politics of N'g'lerat, however slight it might be.

First Appearance: Page 96
Latest Appearance: Page 331
Birthdate: near the beginning of the world
Birthplace: N'g'lerat
Residence: the outskirts of the Maze

Seemingly Shoxoth's right hand and enforcer of its whims in the Otherworld, Garlathax is a nasty customer. It clearly enjoyed its position and instilling fear in Shoxoth's lackeys and interlopers alike, but there is more to Garlathax than at first met the eye...
THE RIVAL: Tandi Simard

First Appearance: Page 211
Latest Appearance: Page 354
Birthdate: 4 October 1992 (24)
Birthplace: Montréal, Canada
Residence: Birmingham, England

XAG's more established driver, Tandi isn't happy that her new team-mate is out there on a winning streak...
THE BOSS: Jana Okolo

First Appearance: Page 198
Latest Appearance: Page 354
Birthdate: 3 January 1971 (45)
Birthplace: London, England
Residence: Birmingham, England

Team principal of XAG KAR, Jana has grand ambitions to take her team all the way to the top, and she's sure that her current driver pairing has what it takes.

First Appearance: Page 223
Latest Appearance: Page 329
Birthdate: 18 July, 1442 (?)
Birthplace: Tlatelolco
Residence: the outskirts of the Maze

He once attempted to defy Garlathax. That didn't turn out well, it seems.
THE SPONSOR: Guillermo Ramírez Terrazas

First Appearance: Page 234 (voice)
Latest Appearance: Page 355
Birthdate: 30 February, 1958 (58)
Birthplace: Monterrey, Mexico
Residence: Mexico City, Mexico

Chimalli's father and a part-owner of EON Enterprises, Guillermo is concerned about his son's recent downturn in form.